Gift Drop in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Reni


Hello there! Birthday in a Box had our first overseas gift drop thanks to this awesome bunch of people!

We initially wanted a getaway but we decided that we want to make it more than just a trip. Thanks to our dear friends, Trevor and Ajarn Thasanee who helped us to find orphanages and school for us, otherwise this would not be possible. 

We, team from Birthday in a Box, are so thankful that these friends were willing to help us to bring the stuffs over and to promote us by wearing our T shirts! 

Thanks to our sponsors, we managed to get socks, gloves and bags for all 108 kids. Some of my friends also donated stationeries, toys and clothes for them. As a team, we donated snacks, soccer balls and frisbee for them! 

In case you might not know yet, it can get real cold in Chiang Mai during end of year, especially when they are living up in the mountain village. Thus we think that donating them socks and gloves would be good to keep them warm for the winter.

Our first day!

The first day we visited the Karen Tribes in the mountain village. We did house visitation, our dear friends prayed for the old and sick. We were also invited for a nice home cook lunch before heading back.

You might have noticed that we are wearing the same t shirts for that day. In case you don't know, this T shirt is from the movement called Making a Difference (MAD). This is a movement in Singapore where they care for the elderly who lives in one-room flat over at Redhill area. You can read more about this movement here.

Serene with the old lady whom she prayed for. 

Myself with one of the kids.

Justine and the chief village.

After our lunch, we headed to Lighthouse Children's home. They waited for us for a good 3 hours because we left the village a little later than planned and we got lost on the way. You can view to their Facebook page here

We fell in love with the kids over there. Even though most of them were not very fluent in English, they were all very relational and playful. They have big dreams, some want to be teachers while some want to be businesswomen. Terra, founder of Lighthouse Children's home is an American and she moved to Chiang Mai 6 years ago to focus on this. 

Her devotion in taking care of the kids really moved us. She taught me that nothing is impossible. So long as it is something you really want to do, and you know very sure that you will regret it if you don't, just give your all and do it. Her love for the kids reflected in their characters. They all have big dreams, very lively and very relational. I could see that the kids will grow so well under her care.

Taken from Justine's Instagram post about her: "This lady is truly inspiring. Terra is an American by birth but Thai at heart. She had successful career in the financial industry, living the life in California. But one day she heard God calling her to Asia. After taking 6 months sabbatical to explore ASEAN and volunteering with numerous organisations, she felt connected to the Thai orphans in Chiang Mai. She went back to US, took all her savings, sold everything she had and stationed in Thailand ever since. It's been 6 years, Terra founded Lighthouse Children's Home, a safe haven for the orphans and displaced children. By the way, she now speaks fluent in Thai! Nothing is impossible if you have a willing heart."

Us and the kids in Lighthouse Children's Home

Their laughters melt our hearts. 

We had so much fun here! More pictures at the end of this post! 

On the second day, we visited the village school.

There are about 70 kids here.

We played a simple games, acted them a skit, teaching them "Impossible is nothing". After their lunch and yummy snacks and desserts, they boys played soccer with our guys! 

A little warm up before the game!

We gave out the goodie bags to them.

A group picture!

More pictures:

Bags for the kids

Colourful gloves to keep them warm



And more snacks

I prepared this on behalf of Birthday in a Box to give to our sponsors for the socks and gloves!

We got them to write one fear and one dream.

Exchanging Facebook

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