Yos Sudarso Anniversary Bazaar by Reni

About us corner!

Birthday in a Box Batam very first public appearance is at none other than our former school's anniversary bazaar! It's the school's annual event where public is allowed to set up booth in the school, selling various items from food to tupperware.

We see this as our chance to say hi to our juniors in school, as well as our dear teachers who still teaches there! We had decided to sell sandwiches, home brew Ribenna and ice cream!

Thankful for the two volunteers who helped out on the first day!

The legendary Ribenna that my mom brewed with love! Lots of customer came back the second day and asked for it, sadly we only have it on the first day!

Sandwiches made and packed with love and care!

Look at how focus the two volunteers were!

The people who helped out on the second day!

On the second day, we received three of this packet of rice from our neighbouring stall because we offered them drinks and ice cream on the house. This culture of giving and receiving is still in tact in Indonesia! How beautiful!

Us with the neighbouring stall!

The event was really a successful one. We said hi to a lot of our juniors and also met our teachers who still remember us. We are very thankful that they are all very supportive about this project. There were some who approached and told us that they are very interested in our movement and wish to be part of this. 

Not to forget our dear friends who helped out on both days despite their busy schedule and last minute notice. It was a very tiring 2-day bazaar, but it was very worth it. We look forward to more public events like this in the future! All the proceeds from all our Birthday in a Box Batam events go to our funds to celebrate birthday for the kids!

None of our food and drains went to waste because we gave out the remains to the staff and sound crews at the end of both days. 

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