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Cindy, Founder of Birthday in a Box, started this initiative in Singapore because she wanted to do something different on her birthday.

Knowing that the children from underprivileged families in Singapore have difficulties celebrating their birthdays, she sponsored them with cake and presents, hoping that the family could sit together as one, spend their time together and celebrate their born day.

It started off with just her own effort in doing this, but now a lot more sponsors approached her, telling her that they want to be part of this. And thus, they had celebrated 71 birthdays so far, all within a year. 

With her consent, I brought Birthday in a Box to Batam, tweaking it a little in such a way that we celebrate the birthdays monthly instead of on the day itself.

We targeted the orphanages mainly because in our culture, we only donate food and necessary items on our own birthday. It has never been like we go to the orphanages and celebrate THEIR birthday.

There are three things that we know for sure we will get out of this project:

1. The kids feeling cherished because they can finally celebrate their birthdays like any other children. 

2. We planted a seed, because in 10 years time, the kids who received the love today will become grown ups, and hopefully, they know the importance of giving back to the society, as they were once the receiver.

3. We are slowly, but surely changing the mindset of the community. Doing good is not all about religion, it's from human to human, human with empathy and compassion.

In Birthday in a Box, we do not look at your religion and skin colour. Be it the orphanages that we are approaching or the volunteers who wish to help out.

You can be a free thinker, a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Christian, a Catholic, etc etc.. We want you! We need you to come together with us as one, as fellow countrymen, to be the change in our community.

Approach one of our team now if you wish to be part of us ;)

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