Jan '15 Birthday Celebration at At Taqwa by Reni


Hooray to Birthday in a Box Batam very first birthday celebration! Our special guest, Cindy, who founded Birthday in a Box, also came over to show her support! Pssssssst, it also marks Birthday in a Box first year anniversary! Here is to many more anniversaries to come!!

A little background of At Taqwa orphanage. It was founded in 2010, the kids ranging from as young as 1 year old to the eldest one that's currently in his Secondary 2. Not all of them are orphans. Some of the kids are fatherless, some are motherless, some came from a very poor family where the parents couldn't afford to care for them, and thus they were brought here. 

They go to school like normal kids do. They sustain from donations in both monetary forms and groceries from samaritan. 

As it is our first meeting, we thought it would be a good idea to paste their names so that we wouldn't have difficulty calling them. 

We also put up a little decoration with the Happy Birthday sign as well as balloons

We did some ice breaker games before the real deal start!

The time the kids have been waiting for!

The January babies: Riska, Harisman and Rahmad

Selamat ulang tahun, kami ucapkan. Selamat panjang umur kita kan doakan. Selamat sejahtera, sehat sentosa. Selamat panjang umur dan bahagia~

Cut cake time!

We got the birthday boys and girl to give out the cake to their in charge and fellow friends before tucking in themselves. 

After the celebration, we got them to sit in a circle to play the next game. We had prepared 10 ice cream sticks with different instructions and questions on it and they have to answer / do what's written. Some of the questions are:

1. What is your dream? x 2
2. What's your fear? x 2
3. Sing your favourite song.
4. Dance your favourite dance.
5. Mimic your favourite animal.
6. Tell us one of your positive traits and one of your negative traits. x 2

They drew the "Dance your favourite dance"

Writing a letter for themselves

Since this is our first celebration, we were thinking of doing something that will be memorable for them in the future. We asked them to write a letter for themselves. We will safe keep them and return to them on the 12th birthday celebration. Some of them are not able to write very well so we got them to draw.

The letter goes like this: 

Diriku yang tersayang,

Di tahun 2014, hal yang paling senang adalah ......
Dan hal yang sedih adalah.....
Saya berharap pada tahun 2015 saya dapat ......


Dear Me,

In 2014, the happiest moment was when....
And the sad encounter that I had.....
In 2015, I hope to be able to.....

Although the content of the letter is simple, but we could see some of them were really very engrossed in writing it so we hope in 12 months time when they receive the letter, it would really put a smile in their faces.

When they are done, they exchanged the letter with a cup of ice cream that our volunteers had prepared while they were writing. 

Because we are Birthday in a Box.

Goodie bags that we had packed for the kids the day before. Thank you Toko Delima Indah for the partnership by supplying the snacks to us at a great discount!

Komp. Bumi Indah Blk II No.22 (Depan Avava Fresh Market) Nagoya, Batam, Indonesia.
Telp: (0778) 457328, 427487

While we are giving out the goodie bags before saying bye

We really enjoyed it a lot on that day. Seeing all the smiles in the kids faces, we know everything is worth it. We are so thankful for the volunteers who spend their precious Sunday with us to celebrate their birthday.

Come and join our big family! You can also sponsor birthdays if you would like, with as low as Rp. 50,000 you can make one kid happy! We will be posting the details for those of you who are interested to be part of the sponsors soon!

More pictures:

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